Cancer Support Community Delaware
The mission of the
Cancer Support Community Delaware
is to ensure that all people
impacted by cancer are
empowered by knowledge,
strengthened by action
and sustained by community.

Happening in New Castle County
Eating Well with Head & Neck Cancer
Thursday, October 18 at 6:30pm
a free workshop featuring ways to maintain a nutritious diet when living with head and neck cancer.

Happening in Kent County
Young Survivors Cancer Support Group
September 20 at 6:30pm
Young adult cancer brings a unique set of challenges that are not always understood by the older cancer community. This group will explore ways of living with the physical, emotional and social effects exclusive to young adult cancer.

Happening in Sussex County
Pumpkin Perfection
Tuesday, September 25 at 10:30am
Join Chef Kris Etze, of Abra...Ca...Dinner, to focus on the antioxidant benefits of this amazing fall vegetable. We will use it in several simple amazing ways that promote health.
Our Programs

What We Do

Cancer Support Community Delaware (CSCDE) is part of an international non-profit organization with a primary mission of helping people affected by cancer enhance their health and well-being through participation in a professional program of emotional support, education, and hope. We also devote several of our programs to family members, including children and teens, who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis of a loved one. We are unique in that we are the only organization in Delaware dedicated exclusively to providing psychosocial support to cancer patients and their families in a home-like, non-clinical setting.

Programs and services are offered free of charge to ensure that we do not increase the financial burden of those already dealing with life-threatening issues.

Why We Do it

The goal of Cancer Support Community is to help people with cancer recover to the greatest extent possible. The program seeks to combine the will of the patient with the skill of the physician. We serve people with all types of cancer, at any stage of the disease. CSCDE is a place where people with cancer come to participate in their fight for recovery along with their physicians and health-care teams. CSCDE offers psychosocial support as an integral and indispensable aspect of total cancer care by providing a therapeutic Community with the following components: (1) a physical place in a non-clinical setting that is warm and nurturing (2) specific tools and skills for coping with the disease and the side effects of treatment and (3) camaraderie with others on the same journey toward recovery. All of these components work together to provide the "basic needs" for healing and recovery: a strengthening of the mind-body-spirit connection in which people with a common need come together to learn from each other and find support and hope. Our overarching goal is to encourage people to become Patient Active.

Patient Active Concept
"Cancer patients who participate in their fight for recovery, along with their health care team-rather than being hopeless, helpless, passive victims of the disease will improve the quality of their lives and may enhance the possibility of their recovery."
Harold H. Benjamin, Ph.D. - Founder of The Wellness Community

How We Do It

You are welcome to stop by and visit any of our facilities from Monday through Thursday, anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM and we will gladly give you a tour and tell you more about our free cancer support programs. No appointment is necessary.

Participant Groups are the mainstay of our support programs here at Cancer Support Community Delaware. Facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist, these groups are exclusively for people with cancer. During these weekly groups, you can explore new ways of dealing with the physical and emotional problems associated with cancer. The groups are two hours long and are offered at a variety of times during the day and night to accommodate the different schedules of our participants.

Family Groups are support programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of the primary caregiver of the person with cancer. These groups are usually held simultaneously with our participant groups so that both the person with cancer and their caregiver can benefit from our services at the same time. Family groups deal with handling the various needs placed on a family member or loved one when someone close to them has cancer.

Specific Support Groups are support programs that are either site-specific or issue-specific. For example, someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer may wish to speak to another person who has also been newly diagnosed with the same type of cancer. For this reason, we offer a variety of site-specific support groups including breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancer, to name a few.

Nutrition Sessions center on identifying foods that help aid healing and recovery, as well as discussion related to special dietary needs and concerns during treatment and post-treatment.

Educational Programs are lectures and workshops conducted by oncologists, nurses, attorneys and insurance specialists that focus on medical treatments and the social, financial and quality of life issues connected with cancer. Our programs help individuals become Patient Active so that they can takes specific steps to learn to make informed decisions about their cancer treatment, as well as the psychological, emotional and social issues that impact their health and well-being.

Stress Reduction Programs such as tai chi, yoga, mindfulness meditation and self-hypnosis help ease the pain and side effects of cancer treatments. Cancer Support Community recognizes the role that stress reduction plays in recovering from the effects of cancer treatment. Designed to help promote a sense of relaxation and well being, we find that our participants enjoy these programs because it increases their sense of control and helps them live in the present moment. Similar to our other groups, stress reduction programs are offered at a variety of times to meet different schedules.

Expressive Arts Programs provide our adult participants with a supportive environment in which to be creative and express their cancer journey. Current research indicates that the use of expressive arts as part of a holistic treatment plan helps cancer patients reduce pain, improve relaxation and increase their sense of connection with others.

Kids Circle and Teen Talk are programs for children and teens who have a loved one with cancer. The program teaches kids healthy coping strategies that restore hope and help them feel less isolated.

Cancer Support Community Delaware would like to thank Incyte for their continued support of CSCDE programs.
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