CSCDE & Helen F. Graham Chair Yoga
Join Rita Grenville every Wednesday from 2:00-3:00pm at Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, Room #2205 for Chair Yoga Classes. Call (302) 995-2850 for more information. A physician's release is required to participate.

We are here for YOU!
"I stopped sitting at home saying 'why me?' I began to crawl to The Wellness Community like someone in search of an oasis in the desert. My car couldn't get there fast enough to be nourished by other cancer patients and to know that I was not alone." - Gilda Radner, an exerpt from her book It's Always Something.

You may have just been told the news no one wants to hear - you have cancer. You can't help but feel frightened and wonder what lies ahead. Yet you are already a survivor. From the moment of diagnosis, you become a cancer survivor and join the over 13 million cancer survivors in the United States today. Thank you for coming to our website today. It is here that you can learn valuable information and plan to attend one or more of our wonderful programs. As a member of our community, you can find that you are not alone, you can regain a sense of control over your life, and learn that there is always hope. Cancer Support Community Delaware offers a wide variety of cancer support services, all completely free of charge. Come visit one of our statewide facilities. You do not need a doctor's order or an appointment. We will welcome you with open arms.